Become a Certified Flight Instructor CFI in Miami

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  • 250s hours Total Flight Time
  • FAA Commercial Multi-Engine Certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 English
  • MDC Requirements

Fly + Work + Study in South Florida

The major arilines require 1,500 hours and a degree, but most students complete their certification with 250 hours and self-study. Now what do you do?

  • F-1 Visa Program for International Students
  • with Miami Dade College, Eig-Watson School of Aviation
  • 2 Year Associates Degree in Professional Pilot Technology
  • Work "On Campus" with Wayman Aviation as a Flight Instructor*
  • +2 Years of Occupational Training in the Field with Wayman or Airline Partners
  • Earn 1,500 hours as a CFI and then 2 Years of OPT to work in the USA!

*Job Interview Gauranteed

I've met lifelong friends and grown my experience 10x as a flight instructor. Wayman has been the foundation for my career as an airline pilot.

Raul Vizcaino
Certified Flight Instructor, ATP