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Start Your Flying Adventure with

5 Week Private Pilot Ground School

Start Flying

Start Flying

  • Who: For students interested in starting to fly, or pilots that want to refresh their core knowledge
  • What: Aviation Ground School
  • Where: 7501 S Airport Rd. North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, FL 33023
  • When: Part-time: Tu & Thurs 5-8pm & Sat 9am-12 for 5 weeks or Full-Time: 5 days a week for 2 weeks
  • Why: Emphasis on cockpit usefulness and knowledge test preparation.
  • Cost is only $29/hr for 40 hours, no obligations, to begin your flight training

Private Pilot Ground School 

Only $29/hr Save $1,100 over 1-to-1 classes! 

Ground School is where dreams meet reality. Being prepared on the ground leads to productive successful flights in the air.

  • Enjoy Classroom Disccusion
  • Meet Other Aspiring Pilots and Study Buddies
  • Convinient Evening & Weekend Schedule
  • Maximize Your Flight time with a Strong Foundation
  • Start Flying After Only 2 Weeks!

Ground Schools are based on cockpit ready usefulness. It is not a pass-the-written crash course. However, a natural outcome of a good ground school is being prepared for the written exam. Tap into your inner Orville and learn to fly.

Wayman helped me fulfill a childhood dream of flying far and wide. It is an amazing way to earn a living.

Fernando Ulloa
A320 Captain, JetBlue